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ATTN Ladies 50 & Over: Pursue Your Passion with Feminine Fire

Wednesday, June 7th at 1 PM EST.

It's time to answer the call to live your life adventurously, intentionally, abundantly, and impactfully. Let's do this!

    Hey, I’m Rhonda –

    your Midlife Midwife.™

    I’m an award-winning mentor, speaker, educator, world traveler, author, and humanitarian.
    I support women over 50 to overcome their feelings of anxiousness, imposter syndrome, and unfulfillment so that they stop playing small and settling for average and start living with purpose, passion, and vitality.

    A later bloomer, I got my master’s degree in education at 50. Then I traveled internationally to exotic places, including Dubai, Switzerland, Israel, and throughout East Africa. But before I decided to say yes to the things that mattered most to me, I stayed away from the limelight and selfishly withheld my expertise that could help another woman excel.

    But here’s the truth, from me to you: It’s not about my feelings of insecurities and inadequacies; it’s about me fulfilling my assignment. And sis,

    I believe you are reading this for a reason.

    So I invite you to allow the divine to align and listen to the summon of your soul.

    Sign up and attend my complimentary virtual class:
    3 Keys to Purposefully Pursue Your Passion on Wednesday
    June 7th, 1PM EST.

    And get inspiration and action steps to live adventurously, abundantly, and impactfully.

    Now is your opportunity. Today is your day to live the second chapter of your life on your terms…to do things you haven’t done before. To inspire others to step into their power.

    This is your second chance, but it’s not a do-over. Instead, it’s a “rebirth” to do better and bigger.

    On my watch, I leave no woman behind. So let’s do this thing…together…today.

    Rhonda G. Mincey

    Author, Entrepreneur, Award-winning Mentor

    wHAT IS it FOR YOU? You will discover:

    • Why you should say yes to your dreams, TODAY
    • The 3 keys to reach your dreams
    • How to ignite the flame

      so you can go from:
    • fear to fierce
    • hidden to heard
    • silent to seen
    • making excuses to making a difference

    If you’ve reached the age of 50, congrats!

    You’ve reached numerous milestones and survived landmines. But unfortunately, this can cause you to pause because you feel anxious.

    You’ve experienced certain levels of professional and personal success, but deep down, something is missing. So you wonder:

    • “Am I running out of time?”
    • “Am I too old… to change…to do something different…follow my dreams …to take a risk?”
    • "What's my purpose?"

    And because you feel judged and not good enough, and you are scared of being seen and heard, you become more isolated and insecure. So you unknowingly cosign to complacency because you’d prefer to remain cautious and safe than get uncomfortable by taking action that will lead to your heart’s desire.

    After all, you’ve given in to other people’s expectations or opinions.

    So you continue procrastinating because you want affirmation and validation. Then, finally, you say, “I will do it when it feels right.” You feel you need a spark to get jumpstarted.

    But in the meantime, the clock ticks, months become years, and your fire goes from a slow sizzle to a forgotten fizzle.

    When the truth is... you don’t know how long you have left to respond to the dream calling your name... the fact is, you have everything you need to bring it to fruition... the reality is the mentor is in the mirror: the guru is you…. And the spark is ignited... you need someone to fan the flames.

    So do you muddle in mediocrity or second-guess what’s next? Or do you look forward to your future with clarity and certainty, one full of new possibilities – where you experience unimaginable freedom, financial security, and fulfillment?

    Let's write your next and best chapter sooner than later. Sign up!